Goddess Deanna
Let me introduce myself and welcome you to my site. I am Goddess Deanna Storm, a Professional Dominatrix located in Boston, MA. Over the past few years I have assumed an influential role within the BDSM community as both a Lifestyle Mistress and a Professional Dominatrix. I get much joy utilizing BDSM as a vehicle to guide others towards personal growth and self-understanding. Even in early childhood my Female Superiority was notable. Dominance over male slaves has simply been a natural progression.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, I will find a place for you in my world. My intuition will guide you on your journey of sub-discovery. When you allow yourself to let go and learn to trust in my ability to create a fitting scene, that is when you will experience the true meaning of Power Exchange. I enjoy stretching you past your comfort zone, allowing you to transcend above the confines put on you by society, while providing a safe playground to explore your hidden desires.

Although I take domination very seriously, I believe we should both be having fun while exploring your fetishes, and I continually exhibit this through my strict training sessions.

Whether as an act of you enduring pain for my pleasure, undergoing humiliation for my amusement, or simply surrendering yourself as a piece of wax to be molded as I see fit, each offering of submission to me is treated as a gift. I will take each of your unique gifts and use them to my advantage. It brings me pure joy to train you, torment you, punish you, and grace you with my very presence. Only by first tearing you down to your raw self can I begin to re-build you, this time stronger at the core. Over time you will have evolved and grown through your service to me.

I am a responsible and skilled Mistress, so trust that although my focus will never be to service your needs, your well-being and safety will always be upheld. I play by the mantra of Safe, Sane, and Consensual. In order to maintain the integrity of our interaction, you are expected to be honest about your health, clearly communicate your limits, and invoke your safe-word whenever needed.

I require respect, loyalty and devotion from my admirers. Once you have familiarized yourself with my preferences, you may apply for the opportunity to experience my Dominance in person. Take note that my popularity allows me to be quite selective. I ultimately will choose those subjects who are most suitable to serve me, based on their adherence to my policies and our overall compatibility.

Goddess Deanna: a professional dominatrix, lifestyle fetishist and alpha female based in Boston. Her site contains information and images relating to BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism) and is designed as a point of reference for submissive BDSM enthusiasts around the world seeking information on a Mistress or dominatrix.

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