Bondage grants not only My absolute control over a slave, but also serves as an outlet for creativity. My style varies considerably, whether used as a means to assist me in the complete immobilization of a slave or for the utter raw experience itself; I happen to enjoy the act of putting someone into bondage. I like restraining slaves in many materials including leather, latex, plastic, and rope. It’s hard to choose a favorite as each fabric has its own unique quality to relish. Leather sleep-sack is snug and durable, combines well with electric play, and leaves no trace of our scene together. Rope is versatile and secure, allowing very little wiggle room, and can give a lingering reminder of our time together for those who can afford marks lasting a few hours. Plastic wrap mummification and rope suspension are two favorite activities of mine to incorporate into an extended session of at least two hours. Latex lovers who have not yet experienced how this material feels against their own skin, should truly add the vac cube to their session bucket list.* This new addition to my collection from Latex Nemesis has become a quick favorite amongst many, as it forges complete suspension in mid-air, immediate sensory overload, and total loss of bodily control – once inside the sealed vacuum you cannot move an inch and will be at My mercy. *(Due to the extra preparation and cleanup time required an additional tribute may be expected, please ask for details and book all vac cube sessions in advance).

Administering corporal punishment is something I find immensely arousing. Sometimes my demeanor can be playful, at other times strict, but it is always an erotic experience. I am eloquently proficient with…
Although even after mastering many of these implements I still maintain a unique fondness for over the knee, bare bottom spanking. The skin to skin contact, feeling the flesh warm to my touch and the unique sound all make this an experience I relish. I equally enjoy feeling the weight of a whip in my hand, swinging it through the air, then finally hearing the distinctive whooshing sound culminate in the crack that arrests the motion of my arm. The satisfaction I experience in administering a whipping is evident to anyone on the receiving end. I have a collection of different whips including floggers, quirts, singletails, and bullwhips, all made by some of the finest leathers of reputable Australian whip makers. I urge masochists to challenge themselves at the hand of My sadism. While others still new to understanding the Power Exchange involved in an S&M scene, I invite you to try a little more each time we play, remembering to focus on your breathing while consciously making an effort to notice My glow and how turned on I get from feeling your complete submission. The feeling of satisfaction it can render to a slave, watching and sensing his Mistresses enjoyment from the sacrifice of his pain for Her pleasure is quite priceless.

Exploring fetishes is a world of discovery and it is a compliment of the highest kind to assist someone express their sexuality through such a unique conduit. My personal favorites include…
Nylon Stockings
I adore dressing up my slave in panties and nylons, garter belts, and challenging them to stand in heels as they endure a punishment of my choosing. I also have a fondness for foot fetishists who appreciate the erotic scent of a woman’s bare foot, even once its become sweaty from my stockings or after a workout. I prefer playing with submissives, but if you are not interested in the role-play of Mistress and slave, and instead care to focus our time on something more specific such as foot smelling, be honest about your requests, and remember that I will have zero tolerance for anyone who disrespects me, or requests activities outside my boundaries. *Just because your requests are not as extreme as some of my other services does not supersede the fact that being in my presence is an honor, and tributes are set accordingly. If you feel otherwise, I suggest you seek the bottom of someone else foot to tell your concerns to. I am not a bargain basement.

Slave Training
This is for those who are truly submissive in nature. I expect anyone who calls thyself a slave to strive for excellence under my expert guidance. No matter what kind of slave you are I am bound to have a use for you but it will be focused training you to meet my needs. I train boot slaves, domestic slaves, and sissymaids. My standards are high and I do not shy from correction if you have not succeeded in pleasing me. Have no doubt that you will leave my dungeon knowing how to please a dominant woman.

CBT and other forms of torture
An underestimated favorite of mine. As with discipline, I enjoy inflicting pain with both my body and equipment. I entice you with a bit of tease/denial, cock and ball bondage then proceed to electrical stimulation, cock slapping, ball stretching with weights, then add in some clothespins, temperature play with wax/ice, and if you’re really up for the challenge I finish you off with some ball kicking, barefoot trampling, before I put your balls in a vice and crush them into oblivion. The scale of mild to severe is different for everyone, so offer as much feedback as possible regarding your pain tolerance and the duration of time you can tolerate marks, if at all. 

Cross Dressing
My enjoyment of indulging the exotic part of my identity obviously gives me great empathy with cross-dressers. I do both partial transformations in a BDSM context and full transformations in any context at all. My fetish with lingerie, stockings and pantyhose is not limited to myself, I also have a collection of pieces to adorn the bodies of my slaves and cross-dressers. I love the process of alteration, and the unexpected things it can bring. Virgins, sissies, sluts, exhibitionists, the list of possibilities is endless. Once I have assisted you in creating your persona, there are few limits to where I can take you.

The variations with this kind of play, are of course, infinite. Either experienced as a fetish in it’s own right or to add an element of eroticism or humiliation to another BDSM activity, I know how to turn this popular request into a satisfying episode.

Trampling and Ball Kicking
My slender yet curvaceous figure is mostly muscle and I know how to use it to inflict pain. I thoroughly enjoy the physicality of these kind of sessions and the effort I put into it will not fail to impress and overwhelm. My bare feet are pedicured and collection of high end shoes and boots are exquisite.

Sensory Deprivation
Definitely an acquired taste if you’re on the receiving end but the subtleties of this kind of play fascinate me. The removal of one sense increases a slaves awareness of their body. Mummification can also be used to augment sensory deprivation. As can breath control. I am conscious of safety at all times and expect you to be candid with any questions I ask in case I need to adjust the play to accommodate your individual considerations.

I am fascinated by this area of BDSM, however it is difficult to outline as triggers are so personalized. Some of my preferred tools are verbal degradation, small penis humiliation, cuckold discussion, proving inadequacy by arranging impossible tasks, exasperating feelings of shame, objectification and subjugation are such powerful emotions… if your sexual identity requires you to experience these emotions, let me take you there.

Role Play
I am a gifted role-player. I am articulate and intelligent and love the challenge of throwing myself into a character that has such a powerful hold on your mind. I prefer discussing your fantasy before the session to ensure it incorporates a role which I relate to. Some themes I’ve enjoyed in this category would include, to name a few…
Wife of a chastised husband
Lesbian girlfriend
Militant commander
Scolding teacher
Mean classmate
Angry boss
Teasing secretary
*(Please note that fantasies involving topics which I prefer not to sexualize, such as incest, infantilism, or bestiality will NOT be considered.)

Electric Play
Harnessing electricity is a specialty of mine. Over the years I have acquired multiple kits and attachments for various types of electric play, either geared towards stimulation or torture. I like the fear element of the violet wand, and am especially fond of using the body contact adapter which allows the current to flow through my body and straight out of my fingertips, as I tease you with tiny jolts of static electricity. I also enjoy using the tens unit, which has 5 different channels to allow multiple areas of stimulation simultaneously. For the more experienced player, my wireless ErosTek which runs off a 9 volt battery, has two outlets, incorporating 9 ranges of pulsating currents, with intensity levels ranging between 1-99 ensuring that you get just the right amount of surge you need. If there is a toy you wish to add to my electrics collection, please contact me to discuss obtaining the necessary adapters as well. *It is extremely important that you communicate honestly with me about your medical history, as this type of play is not recommended for anyone with a heart condition, pacemaker, insulin pump, or nerve disorder.

Medical Play
I have a few different sets of sounds, and I also enjoy play piercing for those who provide me with recent Test Results.


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